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Triple Threat

Track List

1. Only You - W. Washington 6:39
2. Down by the River - J. Krown 5:47
3. Last Two Dollars - G. Jackson ( Peermusic III LTD) 6:13
4. Ridin' Thru the Mountains - R. Batiste 5:49
5. For Your Love - E. Townsend ( Beechwood Music ) 6:30
6. Triple Threat - J. Krown, R. Batiste & W. Washington 5:51
7. Twelve - R. Batiste 5:58
8. Out of the Dark - W. Washington 5:21
9. Dame Dreaming - J. Krown 6:06
10. Can I Change My Mind - C. Wolfolk & B. Despenza (Warner-Tamerlane Pub Corp) 6:08
11. Rollin’ with Big Pat - R. Batiste 5:36
12. Spirit of the Wolf - J. Krown, R. Batiste & W. Washington 4:08

Total Time: 70:12


coming soon


Produced by Joe Krown

Recorded at the Music Shed, New Orleans LA by Chris Finney
Auugust 30th & 31st, 2010

Mixed at the Music Shed in New Orleans, LA by Chris Finney & Joe Krown
September 2010

Mastered by Bruce Barielle--October 6th, 2010

Cover Design and Layout by Ruby Rendrag

Cover and back of booklet photos by Jeffrey Dupuis (
Live b&w photos by Bob Adamek (

Special Thanks:
To the people that helped make this CD: Chris Finney, Chris Bailey, Ruby Rendrag and all of the folks at the Music Shed, Bruce Barielle and Patrick Bell
To all the people that bought any of our music and/or came to see us play.
To the Maple Leaf Bar (New Orleans, LA), dba (New Orleans, LA) & all of the clubs and festivals all over the world that give us a place to perform our music

Extra special thanks to Celie Krown, Allie Krown, Barbara Gillmor and everyone in the Batiste & Johnson families.

This CD is dedicated in loving memory to the first woman in my life, Evalyn Krown, my mother (1933--2009) and to my mother-in-law Marie Moore (1926-2008)--Joe

Joe Krown--
Walter Wolfman Washington--
Russell Batiste Jr.--

For More Info:


Joe Krown—Hammond B-3 organ
Walter Wolfman Washington—guitar & vocals
Russell Batiste Jr.—drums & Background vocals

Walter Wolfman Washington plays a Gibson 335 guitar
Russell Batiste Jr. uses Pro-Mark Sticks, Bosphorus Cymbals & Slingerland Drums
Joe Krown plays a 1958 Hammond B-3 organ with a Leslie 122 speaker

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